We regret to inform you that European Exhibition Contracts Limited t/a EEC was placed into Creditors’ Voluntary Liquidation on 30 April 2021 and has ceased trading.  The liquidator is Andrew Davenport of Maxim IP Limited, who can be contacted on either
Tel: 0114 349 6927, or by email at enquiries@maximrecovery.co.uk

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Whether it's your first time exhibiting, you're looking for a solution which is "the next step up",  or perhaps you are simply looking for something a little different - organising your exhibition stand might seem like a daunting and time consuming task.

To help take the pressure off we have put together a list of questions we are often asked, ranging from making intital key decisions and making the most of your stand space to keeping the entire process as stress free as possible. If there is something you can't find here or would like to discuss further please do not hesitate to pick up the phone, drop us a message or come visit for a friendly chat.

Your Exhibition Checklist  

Once you have booked your space:

___ Get in touch to let us know your intention to exhibit - we will mark the show dates on our yearly planner and contact you 4-5 months prior to the event to start the design process.  

16 weeks before show: 

___ Discuss your individual requirments internally, what are your keys messages? Think about the main features and components which will help highlight your product or service and the overall style and impact you would like to acheive. Depending on the stand size, allow 2-4 weeks for design to be created.

___ Please forward us a copy of the show hall plan and technical manual when available.

12 weeks before show:  

___ We will send you our inital design proposal, accompanied by a detailed quote of what is included. This is an oppurtunity to involve other desicision makers and discuss any alterations to the design.

10 weeks before show:  

___ We will present the amended design and quotation for you to approve. Once these have been signed off, a written confirmation will be required to confirm EEC as your appointed stand contractor. At this stage we will discuss with you payment terms and a percentage of the total amount will be invoiced to allow us to commence placing orders for materials and services.

8 weeks before show: 

___ We will discuss graphic requiements with you and send over any dimensions and information needed by your chosen in-house or externally sourced graphic designer. Any timescales regarding sending us print-ready artwork will be given. We are happy to liaise directly with your graphic designer at this stage.

6 weeks before show:    

___ Liaise with us about the delivery of any of your items, either directly to us to the venue. Please organise insurance for any valuable items.

4 weeks before show:    

___Please send us final versions of graphic artwork files to allow us time to check them and print.

1 week before show:    

___Deliver any items to EEC which we are taking to the show on your behalf.

___Agree with us a time to meet on the completed stand for hand-over and to install equiptment

___ If applicable, send us a USB stick loaded with your rolling demo video file to test 

Last day of build:   

___Meet your EEC designated project manager on the stand at the agreed time for hand-over. We will ensure you are clear on the operation of your stand and equiptment.


When using a stand builder, do I need to book a Space Only plot?

When booking a space at the show, you'll have the option of buying a Shell Scheme or a Space Only plot. If you are opting for a smaller stand, but would like us to build within it - rather than changing to space only, sometimes the items included in the shell scheme package might be worth keeping (such as an electrical socket or carpet). We can request for any unwanted items to be removed. However, if you are looking at a larger space - or an island stand - space only will give you more freedom. 

Should I have a Modular or Custom Stand?

The modular stand solution which we offer can recreate many of the forms and structures often accosiated with a custom stand, but allow flexibility to adapt the stand for future events. The printed panels which form the solid face of the frame can be reused or just as easily swapped on different stands if your messages change in the future. Sometimes clients will still prefer a custom stand to display their particular products. We we still offer custom as a service, the choice is yours.    

How do I make the most of my stand?

We will work alongside you to create a design which addresses your individual needs. In order to start this process you may wish to think about which stand features will help highlight your product or service - whether is be lighting, soft seating, a bar area to serve coffee or presentations screens for example

Should I buy or hire my exhibition stand?

In most cases we often suggest hiring your stand from us if you only plan to exhibit twice a year or less. It's also important to test which layouts and solutions work best for you in real life at the show. Certain elements of your stand will be reusable and storage costs are eliminated. However if you are exhibiting three or four times a year, or you would like to buy a smaller solution which you can install yourselves, we are of course happy to discuss purchase options.

Thank you for the excellent service. The contemporary design of our stand stood out from the rest of the exhibitors. Your planning, scheduling and guidance throughout the whole process was stress free and on time.
We are glad that we chose EEC to build our first exhibition stand. - HF-Systems