We regret to inform you that European Exhibition Contracts Limited t/a EEC was placed into Creditors’ Voluntary Liquidation on 30 April 2021 and has ceased trading.  The liquidator is Andrew Davenport of Maxim IP Limited, who can be contacted on either
Tel: 0114 349 6927, or by email at enquiries@maximrecovery.co.uk

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Pump Centre Conference 2018

SPP Pumps

Telford International Centre

Seen here at Telford International Centre in 2018 and returning for their third show using beMatrix, we were able to easily modify SPP Pump's island stand design to accommodate updated display items and swap existing branded graphics with fresh new ones produced by Qwerty Ltd,  all due to the flexible nature of this high quality system. 

As SPP Pumps attend various shows throughout the year, we continue to work alongside Qwerty to provide SPP Pumps with high quality exhibition stands which can easliy adapt to fit any stand space.

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