We regret to inform you that European Exhibition Contracts Limited t/a EEC was placed into Creditors’ Voluntary Liquidation on 30 April 2021 and has ceased trading.  The liquidator is Andrew Davenport of Maxim IP Limited, who can be contacted on either
Tel: 0114 349 6927, or by email at enquiries@maximrecovery.co.uk

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DGI 2020


Royal Lancaster Hotel London

The individual modular components which make up the Raytheon stand allow us to adapt their stand for different venues and stand sizes throughout the year. The striking raytheon red carpet contrasting white lino flooring also adds to the distinctive appearance of the stand. 

Hosting a 'space theme' once again at this years DGI event, Raytheon's clean and futuristic modular stand incorporated a seamless printed canvas on the back wall for maximum impact, wall mounted touch screen and a custom made modular welcome desk with transparent logo panel.

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