We regret to inform you that European Exhibition Contracts Limited t/a EEC was placed into Creditors’ Voluntary Liquidation on 30 April 2021 and has ceased trading.  The liquidator is Andrew Davenport of Maxim IP Limited, who can be contacted on either
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NICE Interactions 2019

NICE Showcase

Cineworld | O2 London

Each year NICE systems hosts their annual UK Interactions event to showcase their ever developing range of software solutions designed to enhance customer service experience. NICE also invites a selection of their partners to participate in the showcase, each with their own indiviual branding which was easily achievable using printed graphics inserted into the beMatrix modular frame structure we supplied. Past venues for this innovative event include Savoy Place, Park Plaza London Riverbank and Chelsea FC.

EEC works across an increasingly wide range of venues, covering all types of events from tradeshow exhibitions to conferences and private events. We were excited to hear that this year NICE would be holding their showcase within the brand new foyer of a live working cinema within the O2 London. Cineworld provided an interactive, dynamic environment with onsite themed catering and whole host of digital branding opportunities. 

Extensive prior planning, including site visits allowed for a smooth installation and removal process, working safely around the general public, film screenings and other logistical challenges. The final result provided NICE with an immersive, free flowing environment which allowed for yet annother successful event!

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You helped me take my crazy wild idea and turn it into a state of the art corporate event. It wasn’t a straightforward venue and there were many moving elements and 'unknown' but you helped us turn it around  - we took a gamble and it paid off. I got a lot of compliments about the showcase. The venue and the production were memorable and we’re getting so many praising mails from customers and NICE executives about it.